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Am Speaking The Truth.’

 What is the Bahamas’ next move going into the future especially with the Administration now, the past, and the incumbent? A matter for a specialist one may say in determining the course of the Bahamas in the next eight to ten years.

        Here are some synopsis taken on the three above mentioned Governing Administrations:

1). The present Administration, The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), comes from the origination of our First Democratic Election in The Bahamas. The majority of its cohesive governing principles set forth the ground work for others to build on. Though there have been many controversial issues arising around, and directly involving members of their party, their ability to govern are evident by show of the veterans within their party and politics. Taking away the personal affairs from politics, and judging by the works put forward, their party has a greater chance of retaining the Government when considering the next elections. For instance, even though Baha Mar is still not opened entirely as promised by the present administration, the fact that its here and have and will provide thousands of Jobs, credit is rewarding to the present administration. There are many more projects that the present administration has done and are in motion doing, like the Cat Island Airport, they are not completely free from poor managements in some areas.

2). The past Administration, The Free National Movement (FNM), was formed out of members that were disgruntled over the positions  of, and cloat, some members of the original “new” democratic government leaders were furnished. It is remembered by many what their party did to the longest reigning Monarch, Sir. Lynden Oscar Pindling after winning over the general elections from the (PLP) in 1992: ‘Maid gone, Chauffeur gone, Car gone, ..was the words of the new leader, Hubert Ingraham…id.’ The voice of him saying, “am a one man band!”resound in the heads of many still, however, his no nonsense approach to most policies, and his character are admired by many today. However, the internal quabbling within their party, at such a critical and such a short time leading up to the next general election, that this will be the damning mechanisms that will cause their campaign defeat themselves many say.

3). The incumbent Administration, The Democratic National Allegiance (DNA), have created a party independent of the two previous but reflecting Administrations. Their party unfortunately, lost miserably in the last general elections in 2012. Nevertheless, they have sparked new fire to be the leaning to Administration this coming general election. Their party’s Leader, Branville McCartney, however, has yet to present a capable panel of members suitable, learned, and capable of running this complex government with so many Departments. This may be their major shortfall in determining whether an opportunity is warranted for their party to lead the Bahamas into the ending of this decade. Moreover, as in every party, their selective process was done under radar from public view when selecting their members to run in an eminent general election. Whether this too may be a set back, is a factor yet determined. But in various districts no one knows the running member until they show up saying who they are.  When infact, many believe the person should be a stand up person among them, within their knowledge of having the best interest at hand for all neighbors of the community. The DNA it is feared will lose once more if not a proper selection of qualified runners are not empanelled quickly; and presentation of real ideas that will affect how The Bahamas will benefit by electing their party; and or, how their leadership can introduce new techniques to governing and policies that have been said ineffective.

          The rhetoric in the market of smearing each other has past. The Bahamian people needs and are demanding a realistic future, with moralistic leadership and clear visions for its citizens. Without this, we as a nation said to be based on Godly principles and moralistic values will surely see hardship days in the future. Some members of the present administration have damaged their reputations while in office; some have broken the public’s trust; and some have deprived their constituents to access assistance straight out in lieu of a personal friend. This practise however is not new among either of the Political Parties. Government should not be akin to favoritism. But it should exemplify true Rule of Law where justice is blind. Equality prevalent and recognizable by the masses. The practises in the past leaves little  to be desired. This is the sentiment of many when considering the posture of those relatively connected to politics presently in The Bahamas…”Am speaking the Truth.”


Christopher F. Stubbs



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