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The Truth In The Matter Of Bahamian Politics.

The truth in the matter of Bahamian politics is that there is too much cloak and dagger episodes.

In every Administration that has led this country; and those who aspired to gain leadership, there have been controversial situations surrounding them while in political foray. Nonetheless, each is just a human being with added potentials to fail while on world stage…little do they know. But the ailments are not irreparable seeing that next year is election and the power is in the hands of the people once more to demand satisfaction guaranteed.

The Bahamas has enjoyed over 40 years of freedom being independent so to speak. Politics have been orchestrated in the Bahamas as Hollywood have their red carpet event. Like the premiering of a new movie coming to the big screens. Most times those movies are never aired.

A country such as the Bahamas, which has existed peacefully until recently, should have more governance with professionalism towards caring for the Nation and the interest of its people. Shamefully we have seen the government’s holdings of the people become game to some politicians. While there is still rural areas in the Capital it leaves much to be desired seeing there is sufficient for all within its borders. Lofty mansion have sprung up like wild fire and offshore accounts increase.

The people says no, not this time, not this time will we be mislead into believing in hologram initiatives, unrealistic promises and a “hodge podge” of different ‘we can do this to improve;’ nor will the people entertain those members of the political arena who may have become non-responsive to the will of the people to step aside but refuses. As a vicegerent in the political war to lead the people to prosperity, this alone should be your comfort in letting go. New energy is not bad, but it do calls for new wiring. Such as now, the people of the Bahamas is saying we need fresh air! We need men who can bring fresh thoroughly examined plans with contingency safety caps, plans that are workable and durable. Not ideas. Every man and woman on planet earth has an idea. However, to cut a long story short, here is my synopsis of ‘The Truth in the Matter of Bahamian Politics.’

a). The Prime Minister of The Bahamas, Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, the “Progressive Liberal Party Leader (PLP), is under siege by members of the public for his botched financial deals, indecisiveness, his comeliness when he should be more resolved and of course his age. As a leader that carry’s the Sunlight of Gold, as a symbol of prosperity, having believed in this should allow the will of the people and be an advisory to the party. Allow the party members to select, if so they choose, to choose another leader whom they feel may be more inclining towards the people. After all, isn’t it the principles of leadership to know when the chips are against you, and therefore knowledge reflects wisdom to know the outcome. The Commonwealth of The Bahamas applaud your works; your achievements and any and all other things that can readily be attributed to your tenor as Prime Minister, but if you are to remain an honest civilian you must without delay, abide by the will of the people.

b) The “World Wrestling Federation” is aired every time their party members meet and even when they are adjourned there could be a match. Mr. Hubert Ingram, previous leader of the party is no longer wanted because of his shameful resignation from politics when he lost the election in 2012. He abandoned his constituency.  The Free National Movement has its wows that are now bleeding at the seams. The party is between a rock and a hard place. Dr. Minnis, the party’s new leader was elected under disagreement from other same party members. While Loretta Butler-Turner, his rival continues to push for his bowing out to allow her leadership powers. Imagine a woman who strikes another member of the House of Assembly to the face running the country. ‘Ah, Ms. Prime Minister crime has rose last week by a whopping 27% what should your forces do to contain this?….She looks away and says while turning slowly, if you find them, shoot first ask questions later. Nah go!  The Bahamas is not ready for Ms. Turner as Prime Minister. Neither through consensus ‘grapevine’ is Dr. Hubert Minnis. His tactics towards politics, which should be viewed as a job to oversee humanitarian aid, is nothing more than he say, she say dialogue. He has no agenda that is solidified by his party as the hopes and dreams of a better Bahamas. Rather than preparing his affront on a tangled administration Dr. Minnis has to find strategies to affront members in defense in his own party. This has totally engulf his clear studying and proof reading the materials he throw at the media. As a Prime Minister, most say not this term.

c) The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) has aspirations and most is encouraged by the new younger followers who are only ‘vineyard pickers.’ On the other hand, Mr. Branville McCartney, Leader of the DNA has produced little if any at all real deal holly field knock out plan for saving the Nation.’ The mere voice of the people chanting we had enough of these two mentioned Administrations rings loud . Give someone else a chance to hit the cookie Jars! This is not enough for a cure to what affects and has been a deadly tumor for decades. Which are politicians work being unchecked and oaths violated and not enforced upon them with real consequences. Therefore, it is to most unforeseen that under the leadership of Mr. McCartney, without more  as it stands today, they will march to the noise but settle in despair.  The DNA is out experience in many aspects and their front runners are not engaging society enough to attest that they are capable of becoming the difference. Admittedly, many see them as not.

The real consequences of choosing a government is not readily transparent, but prudence  teaches know what you digest. Every new food might not be tasty at first, you have to acquire the taste. Just an analogy being it the way some approaches the well being of The Bahamas. But truth be told, it is the “Truth in the Matter of Bahamian Politics.”


C. F. Stubbs, Ceo., Awe 


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