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A Home Away From Home Vacation

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When you think about traveling the first thing comes to mind is where are you going to stay, right? What type of accommodations  will suit you and your family’s needs.

In Nassau, Bahamas,  Leslie’s Estates have brought an array of special deals on vacation rooms for the traveler that comes with transportation. Yes, your very own rental car is included. Whether, you decide to occupy a One Bedroom or Two Bedroom suite, the rental includes a rental car with no deposit.

*Also reservations: Can be made for day away excursions to other nearby Islands, such as: Eleuthera, Exuma, Andros, and Freeport.

Day time activities sub-provided:

Island Tours, Boat Rides, Snorkeling, Booze Cruise and much more. You really just have to come and see for yourself.

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For the low price of One Hundred and Seventy Dollars ($170.00) per night, for a One Bedroom Suite and Two Hundred and Seventy Dollars ($270.00) per night, for a Two Bedroom Suite with Rental Car and all amenities including, pick-up and drop-off services from Airport or Docks, you can not beat that even with a stick! This is economical for the family on a budget and those who want to splurge.


The One and Two Bedroom suites are accommodated with fully furnished amenities that includes: Cable TV, Air-Conditioned, Full Kitchen (fridge, stove & microwave), Double Beds and Internet, which is absolutely convenient for those who likes doing their own thing.

This is surely a home away from home where you can relax as if you were still home but enjoying a day away.

Yes, these are the feasible make like Homes away from Home, designed with plenty concerns for the travelers in these economical times. Moreover, to sweeten the custard on the pie, “Leslie’s Estates” is located less than Four Hundred Yards (400 yards) from the Sandy Beaches on the Eastern End of the Island of Nassau.

…and if that’s not enough, its located less than a 1/4 mile to the nearest Super Market. Is that convenient or what? Indeed it is for those ‘who do not favor eating out’ and enjoys doing their own supermarket shopping for dinner, the distance to get quick items for dinner is superb.

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So, the next time you decide to travel or, you want a get away weekend, maybe even if you want a day away, Leslie’s Estates offers more for the hard earned money. With pick-up and drop-off services from the airport or docks; and the amenities you  get on arrival that is included within your one time payment to stay at Leslie’s Estates, e.g., Rental Car, Cable, AC, Double Beds, Internet, Pool, Jacuzzi, walking distance to shop and lovely beach is a vacation well planned.

‘Going to travel real soon, contact us so we can prepare your vacation Home away from Home especially for you.’

At Leslie’s Estates we are awaiting  your arrival whether from the Family Islands or International Guests to The Bahamas. Send us an email, post card, text or stool pigeon. Once we get your contact an agent will be in contact within the hour. For we know of  the seasons; we charted the economical waves; and we have made a Home for all away from Home at Leslie’s Estates. Contact us TODAY!

Craige Bowe, Owner/Operator

Tel: 1 242 425-5011


C. Stubbs, Agent

Tel: 1 242 448-5763

whatsapp(#242 448-5763)



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