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“Craig A. Bowe,” ‘The Right Man For The Job.’



As the General Election Date is scheduled to be announced, the more the Bahamian people realizes that they are faced with three major evils that seems to never want to go away. ‘The Progressive Liberal Party, The Free National Movement and The Democratic National Alliance. Each which brings nothing for food for thought or substance to the table for the Bahamian people, it is said.’ However, this year the people have a choice. Vote Craig A. Bowe, Representative for The Elizabeth Estates Constituency. An Independent Candidate and A “Man Right For The Job.”

Mr. Bowe is not a stranger to the Bahamian people, and its Government; or a stranger to the minority of people in his commmunity and beyond. He shows vigorous compassion towards the state that his country man and woman are currently in; and the state that our Nation is in as a free people, but without industries other than Tourism.

As an Independent Candidate, Mr. Bowe Pledges to commit to mobilizing the people of Elizabeth Estates; 2) that not one penny of his salary as an official shall be spent on anything accept to create jobs if he is elected as representative; 3) and to give assistance to those in his constituency that prove their desires, that they want to achieve better with their circumstances.


Mr. Bowe has been quoted as saying:

“I had no need to want to run as a Candidate, I have been financially stable for years and everyone knows this. I have donated my life into being a progressive, conscientious, and strong businessman in many fields around The Bahamas and done my part when called upon. But what I will not do is, see my people being denied the minimum assistance needed in order to survive. I do not like to see how our people live from day to day hoping on a rainbow in a sunny country. Our politicians sitting out bathing in the Sun while the people praying for rain.

‘I will make it rain for Elizabeth Estates and its citizens.’ I will create small major businesses and turn them over to the people once they are stable and making a profit. I will create better opportunities, by donating a workshop for those in need of practical training in different fields of labour and administration of businesses for the people of Elizabeth Estates.

I will create safe housing for displaced families and single parents to recuperate from disasters or otherwise. I can do this with the clip of the fingers, I don’t need a committee.’

Each year I will donate by random raffle an important part of getting started– four Vehicles to both Mothers and Fathers on their respective honored dates, ages: 21-26, 27-35, 36-44, and 45-60– By doing this, it will allow families to get around in search of work and for getting to their jobs effeciently to assist themselves in daily earnings and living.” id.

Mr. Bowe said:

“Folks need assistance not money.’ You can give a Hundred thousand people $5,000.00 which would roughly be $500,000.00, half a million dollars and all that happens is that its spent and no one sees where it went. But what I will do is create transparent businesses for those who have been unfortunate, that they may become independent and conducive to our society’s fabric of survival industries. I can assure the people of Elizabeth Estates, that I will not be a drift wood in the community as those were previously.

I will not enjoy the comfort of life knowing that families are without. I will not go to parliament to dress up in a suit and forget the peoples hopes and dreams. I will not do that. I will represent the good striving people of Elizabeth Estates with a straight voice and a firm resolve before our House of Assembly; and will not cease until all the young men and women in Elizabeth Estates who are willing to assist themselves first, are at work or on the job; and that the elderly be watched over with true compassion and humane conditions during their last hopeful days. This is what am willing to do!

If the people dont want me and what I have to offer, then I do not know what changes they are asking, nevertheless, so be it. But one thing I know, I will give it my all regardless, because I honestly care inspite of what some may add.

Importantly, I have no need for the Government’s monies for self preservation. I do not need the Government’s post as an MP. But what I need is, to ease my heart and cool my eyes from the disaster that I see my people in, and that which they are facing. Without me at the helm this term for the people in Elizabeth, I fear things will only get worst. So therefore, I submit myself for service for the good people of Elizabeth Estates and for the good of the Commonwealth of The



As it stands, Mr. Craig A. Bowe, he is a man that is very vocal among his peers and he is a man of substance. There is nothing in our constitution from disallowing an individual, a born Bahamian, who loves the Bahamas, and the values of our country, from participating in a General Election.

Mr. Bowe says he will be running an (Independent Campaign) that he is very optimistic about, simply because the Bahamian people though they cry for change, they are laxadiasical in their efforts towards change. But who knows,

“Craig A. Bowe,”… ‘can actually be that man for the Job.'”

‘Vote For Bowe If You Want The Others To Go.’ This is 2017!


CFStubbs, Ceo., AWE


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