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‘At Rock of Ages Funeral Chapel, The Condolences Are Real.’ — AWE Production Bahamas

In the world we find ourselves today, any day can be a time of lost, sorrow and pain for a family. At such time families either fall apart or they come together. The needed support from all members of the family are sometime obtuse and separate through different feelings of lost and pain. For losing […]

via ‘At Rock of Ages Funeral Chapel, The Condolences Are Real.’ — AWE Production Bahamas

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What Will The Aftermath Of The Bahamas Elections Uncover?

What will the aftermath of the 2017 General Election uncover? By the will of the people the Nation went up in flames. The Free National Movement (FNM) once again has made a strong statement by a “Landslide” victory in the 2017 National Elections winning over Thirty Five (35) parliamentary seats. It’s opposition won merely Four (4) seats, which came from the out going Government Administration the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).

The new “Democratic National Alliance” (DNA) led by one Brandville McCartney and Chris Mortimer, felt the paws of the giants in the Arena of Bahamian Politics even more profound and leaves their organization crippled unto dissolution. Their hopes of becoming a contender in the garrison of politics in The Bahamas is all but lost as a result of bad leadership decisions made in the flares running up to the Elections. As Leader of the party (DNA), Mr. Brandville McCartney decision to join forces with FNM member Mrs. Loretta Butler-Turner, destroyed the demeanor of his supporters especially when he resigned the post shortly thereafter blaming Mrs. Turner for his decision to join her endeavors. Both Mr. McCartney and Mrs. Butler-Turner lost their contended seats ran for leaving them outside the halls of Parliament.


However, the people made choices based upon what was revealed through media and news, that the out going administration were callous; malicious to investors; less compassionate for the masses; abused the public’s trust; and were blatantly abusive with their positions as Ministers. This is from a consensus taken before elections and confirm in the results.

The Honorable Hubert Minnis, The Bahamas new Prime Minister from the Free National Movement (FNM) now has a task before him that will take an unpopular stance, but well demanded. For he must now audit certain Members of Parliament from the out going Administration which is the will of the people who voted him into office. For the Bahamian people demand that his Administration (FNM) uncover the wealth of the people stashed away in secret Bank Accounts owned by out going ministers, whether here in The Bahamas or abroad. To seize them by Court order for auditing. This would be the most immediate action of his administration to bring the issues to transparency. For it would be unfair to the masses to leave these politicians unchecked who have been greedy in their offices as if it were their own business rather than the office of the people of The Bahamas. Particular ministers who went into office with meager finances and in such a short period have placed millions in financial personal accounts, stolen from the labor on the backs of The Bahamian people.

These must be audited in every sense of the word and forfeiture proceedings initiated where there is found that the accumulation of wealth were from improper dealings. The lack of evidence that the wealth was made from personal legal business, or inherited, transfer to them and for what measure, the wealth should be forfeited to the ministry of social services for the people it was stolen from.

Our Country has taken a shift in how the dynamics of politics operate, and there is no more Red and Yellow, but what is best for Government. This was borne out of the fact that even the out going Prime Minister, Honorable Perry Gladstone Christie, lost his seat that he held since 1977 in the Centerville Constituency, Nassau Bahamas. Along with him were other Ministers who condoned is inappropriate actions while in office by their silence, which were the majority of his delegation. In the aftermath of the elections his delegation of ministers won merely Four (4) seats, which I may add two were contested and the entire delegation has since dissolved (PLP) by resignation and shamefulness. There is no opposition Government in The Bahamas as it stands today.The progressive Liberal Party has made history in this election since the founding of the party in 1967 by leadership of Sir. Lyden Oscar Pindling.

Dear Prime Minister, Honorable Hubert Minnis, though many disbelieved in your ability to govern you have proved your tenacity vividly. Most if not all Bahamians believe in you to make a difference in The Bahamas. It is your hour.


We head into a new dimension of ruling and governing, and may the Almighty guide the hands and minds of them that are placed in charge of the “Orphans” wealth. May The Bahamas regain its face of hospitality, of good character in business and that the spirit of its people join as one once more. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. So what will the aftermath uncover…’


C.F. Stubbs, Ceo.,AWE

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When do you find desperate politics other than when a Political Party has dropped the ball completely. Do a Party even knows when it has dropped the ball, other than when the people appears disorientated which are the only time society acknowledges.

The Bahamas is going through a series of changes and even the weather confirms this. But actually, the change is happening Globally with The Bahamas smack in the middle of the trend’s passage.

Desperate Politics is a consequence of negligence when dealing with the public’s interest.

In this year’s 2017 General Election our most competent “Opposition” political parties have faltered in the eyes of society. For instance,

1). In choosing a new leader, the Free National Movement(FNM), after being obliterated in Election 2012, then Leader Hubert A. Ingram disgracefully disappeared from politics leaving his disorientated party awed.

Picking up the pieces was Dr. Hubert Minnis who immediately began to throw accusations against the Christie Administration and its handling of the country’s affair. Even though there were issues that Dr. Minnis attacked to shed light on the Christie Administration, Dr. Minnis offered nothing remedial. Consequently, Chairman of the (PLP) Christie Administration, Mr. Bradley Roberts, continuosly refuted Dr. Minnis’s accusations with proofs. This alone showed Dr. Minnis’s not thoughtout approach to the political arena. Rather, Dr. Minnis’s attempt at politics have all but deminished his successful chances at being the chosen Opposition Leader when he placed forward no real plans for a ‘Better Bahamas.’ Even more damaging is the fact that he could not, and have not unified his party The Free National Movement.’

Disgruntled FNM members told our Head of State, Her Excellency Lady Marguerita Pindling, in their letter that, like a Prime Minister, an Opposition Leader must enjoy the confidence of his or her colleagues in the House of Assembly.

“That being the case, we respectfully ask you to revoke the appointment of Dr Hubert Minnis as leader of the opposition in accordance with Article 82 (4) of our Constitution,” the letter stated.

The group added that The Bahamas needs an effective and dutiful opposition that will work to develop a clear vision for the future, and urged the Governor General to accept their recommendation for a new leader.

“…In the interest of ensuring a seamless transition, our caucus has also voted to undertake its work in Parliament under the leadership of Loretta Butler-Turner.”

A stunned Minnis took to the floor immediately after the letter was read.

He described the development as “a subversion of democracy”, charging that it all stemmed from his victory in the party’s internal elections at its annual convention back in July.

“These – as I would call them – rebels do not believe in democracy and have continued to subvert the process of democracy.”

Minnis, who admitted that he was saddened by the move was, however, adamant that democracy would prevail.

“The Bahamian people will continue to fight for democracy. They will not allow subversion to occur, nor will their democracy to be played with,” he said.

At the center of concern for power also was Mrs. Loretta Butler-Turner whom have taken the Leadership role by way of an “incompetency request” approved by The Governor General which was requested by members of the (FNM) and Mrs. Turner.


Governor General Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling presents the Hon. Loretta Butler-Turner with the Instrument of Appointment as the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition during a ceremony at Government House, Sunday, December 11, 2016.

The Bahamas — Governor General Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling presented the Hon. Loretta Butler-Turner with the Instrument of Appointment as the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition during a ceremony at Government House, Sunday, December 11, 2016.

During the ceremony attended by several Parliamentary colleagues, family, friends and other well-wishers, Mrs. Butler-Turner said, “I note that my appointment as the first woman to serve as Leader of the Opposition (in The Bahamas) is of historic importance.”

She thanked her Parliamentary colleagues for placing their trust and confidence in her as the new Leader of the Opposition:

“I pledge an unwavering commitment to collegiality and collaboration. Democracy is not about the mood of a single individual; it is about cooperation in the pursuit of the common good.”

The Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM) and former Leader of the Official Opposition was removed as Leader of the Opposition after a vote of no confidence by seven of the Party’s 10 Members of Parliament on Wednesday, December 7.

A petition signed by the majority of FNM Members of Parliament stipulated that Dr. Minnis should be replaced by Mrs. Butler-Turner. The move was approved by the Governor General.

Mrs. Butler-Turner explained that she and her colleagues are convinced that there needs to be a new direction for the country.

“Today is about the collective judgement and the sincere beliefs of the majority of the duly elected representatives opposed to the Government of the day.

“We have acted in accord with The Bahamas’ Constitution and in accord with Parliamentary Democracy. We have acted in accord with our consciences, as have others in this country who have also acted similarly.”

Mrs. Butler-Turner said, “On behalf of my colleagues, we pledge our commitment to serve with integrity as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. We pledge ourselves to the common good of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas; we rely on the wisdom of the Bahamian people.” id.

Thereafter achieving her goals of dividing her party, she entered into a clandestine agreement with “Democratic National Alliance(DNA) Leader, Mr. Branville McCartney to further her endeavors to defeat the (PLP) Christie Administration and hopefully advance to becoming Prime Minister. In Parliament Loretta Butler-Turner announced at a press conference Monday December 12, 2016, that Democratic National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney had been appointed leader of opposition business in the Senate.

The announcement came in the House of Assembly’s Minority Room. Mrs Butler-Turner, the Free National Movement’s (FNM) MP for Long Island, was flanked by Mr McCartney, DNA Deputy Leader Chris Mortimer and several FNM MPs.

Mrs Butler-Turner said the move was evidence that her team was willing to put the Bahamian people first to move forward to defeat the governing Progressive Liberal Party.

Mrs Butler-Turner said she and the six FNM MPs who support her have not joined the DNA, but are working together for a “common good.”

The FNM’s four senators resigned their posts as well after seven FNM MPs wrote to Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling expressing no confidence in FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis. The group asked that Mrs Butler-Turner be appointed leader of the Official Opposition instead.

This was foiled by the fact that both Mr. McCartney and Mrs.Turner, both with their egotistical bahaviour many say, divided their chances totally at any chances to have a strong opposition or new Government. The actions that Mrs. Loretta Butler-Turner took which divided the Free National Movement(FNM) Political Party; and Branville McCartney’s Democratic National Alliance(DNA) Political Party’s spontaneous move to have a collective joint force party, that has failed miserably; and interestingly, his again resignation from representing the FNM in the senate as appointed by Opposition Leader Mrs. Loretta Butler-Turner, shamefully will forever be remembered as an act of “Desperate Politics.”

“LEADER of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Branville McCartney has resigned as Leader of Opposition business in the Senate, effective immediately.

Mr McCartney told The Tribune at a press conference that Loretta Butler-Turner, who appointed him, has sowed seeds of confusion and the DNA must disassociate itself from her antics.

In a statement, Mr McCartney said: “Every decision I have made since entering frontline politics has not been made lightly. Whether it was to leave the FNM, to lead the DNA or most recently, to accept the post as leader of opposition business in the Senate, I have carefully and prayerfully considered my moves as a public figure.

“It was no different when accepting the appointment as leader of Opposition business in the Senate. I accepted with the understanding that the Democratic National Alliance was separate and apart from any other opposition force, but would lend its voice, ideas and strength in official opposition to this failed Christie administration.

“Let the record reflect that when the electorate called for a more pragmatic opposition, the DNA was the first and only party to answer.

“However, today I informed Her Excellency the Governor General that I am resigning my Senate post with immediate effect.

“The leader of the official opposition has, unfortunately, only sown seeds of confusion since assuming her post, bringing no real leadership or focused ideas to the fore.” id.

In any event however, the Bahamian people have not been “jet lagged” from these political flights taken on behalf of all three major parties, but the minds of the people will prove good landing gears. Simply because the people has recognized and understands the true measures of each “Desperate Politician.”

Contributing Writer,

C. F. Stubbs, Ceo., AWE

“Desperate Politics.”


The Bahamas was orchestrated as a “Commonwealth,” indicating that the wealth of the industries, natural resources, and assets be commonly shared among the inhabitants of the chain of islands which comprises The Bahamas. Obviously, the transitional environment have spawn new beasts in the field of Politics. Nothing is common among men anymore. The hopes and the dreams of being in a free striving society, with government transparent and professionalism prevalent, assistance for any citizen in determined dire needs, education free and health care have all but become a mirage. What was to be a society with the ability to do as they will, independent of influences foreign, now have become once more subservient.

In recent years the Bahamas has seen tremendous changes in Administrations all of which utilized their offices for financial gains, is the thought position of most Bahamian people. Nevertheless, each had used what I call “Pindling Politicology” in gaining their respective offices. Having gained their offices the ministers then lost focus on the theory that they were selected to accommodate the citizens that elected them to office.’

Pindling’s politicology that led us to independence is the foundation of our Nation. Though many prodigies have tried to imitate Sir. Lynden, but can not replicate his tenacious and accepting personality, rather they botched themselves in controversy.

The miraculous mannerism in which Sir. Lynden used to invite patrons to the Bahamas; got them to invest in the Bahamas; and convinced them to purchase interest in the Bahamas through investment opportunities beneficial to the commonwealth is a curriculum many have tried miserably to reestablish. However, who is listening but those who remembers the first principles of Sir. Lynden’s legacy which is the people first then seek yours. We live in a real world and it can not be said that any candidate who attains office would not seek out to establish financial stability within his or her working capacity. This is realistic and anyone would agree. Those who differ may be already financially stable, but the commoner still struggles for an opportunity which he or she sees the political arena as a place for perks, glamour and financial gain if appointed to office. Interestingly though, before office their cries were, look what they’re doing with the people money.’

Notwithstanding that Sir. Lynden was called up to the Commission of Inquiry on suspected involvement in racketeering within his capacity as Prime Minister, he never was found guilty on any of the accusations alleged by the one and only Hubert Alexander Ingram and company to the United States Intelligence Agencies. [id].…%252

As it stands now today, every political administration that have evolved did so from within the progressive liberal party or, from members who left disappointed.

Mr. Branville McCartney is also a by-product of both parties. He resigned from the FNM (Free National Movement) disgruntle because he could not do as (he) saw fit while appointed Minister of Immigration under Hubert Ingram’s Administration thereafter the 2007 elections. Not to say the least about him, a great majority had seen the resignation as though he stood as a man and not a puppet of his party’s leader, Mr. Ingram.

These members have tried desperately nothing less, to disclaim that Sir. Lynden’s methods in creating a society with opportunities were a genius with honest intentions towards the masses. Interestingly, they get lost in the fray of diplomacy and contingency plannings are absent in their decision making process’. Therefore, they are left scalded with embarrassment; seen as an abuse of trust politician; and a show of personal intent to gain financial assets. Wherefore, in the eyes of the public they are as merely opportunists to seize power for their own benefits.

It is known or at least suppose to be known that, governance is to provide humanitarian assistance, where this is absent, it is therefore mainly an opportunity to seize power.

What Sir. Lynden did was that he made sure that the “Nation” endured a season of prosperity by allowing the citizens of The Bahamas to create their own dreams by the opportunities made available. Those who took advantage of the season has subsequently made the Bahamas what it is today. However, it is not as Sir. Lynden had envisioned now as a result of the paper soldiers now holding office for their own amusement.–%2520On%2520January%25209%252C%2520Prime%2520Minister%2520the%2520Rt.%2520H…%2522%25

No more are the opportunities for Bahamians first, only that they exist. Nor are the laws incorporated into our constitution where it protects The Bahamas from foreign political aggression through financial influences. Consequently, monetary bribes destroys the decent at heart who first had the right intent to do good by the people.

Under the Progressive Liberal Party’s dogma of Sir. Lynden, though there arose times when his actions were put on world stage, Sir. Lynden stood as a man not as a puppet and his administration was firmly behind him.

Not as you see today happening within the political parties. Who told Dr. Hubert Minnis, previous Leader of the opposition to allow Mr. Andre Rollins to join the FNM (Free National Movement)? Many saw this as a bad decision. The disarray of the Party (FNM) now speaks volumes about Dr. Rollins.

Rollins intent was mainly to cause disruption within that party, as he attempted to do in the party that recognized him as a potential, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). Rollins many say is still seeking his own identity and his charisma to politics is like a “bar room whino” that speaks his mind not conscious of who is listening or who it offends. Some say he still carries a gift to the political arena that keeps the fire under the feet of some politicians. But is he loyal to any one party, or just to his endeavors, this is yet to be transparent.

Truth be told though, the political situation here in the Bahamas does need, changes that would relatively hold a politician to the stern and make them liable for their offices that mandates incurring penalties.

Maybe if Sir. Lynden had placed such liability on ministers during his approximately 27 years at the helm of government, things would not be as it is today where politicians enter the political system with merely funds to cover their living expenses but leaves office with millions of dollars. Politicians now has taken what was learnt from Sir. Lynden’s politicology of politics in The Bahamas applications and ran in the opposite direction from the people clutching the government’s pouch allotted [by the people.].

Effecting these obligations of liability upon politicians I believe will sift out the real potentials from those who just want a title and opportunity to seize diplomatic powers. An opportunity that many have come to government to achieve in spite of the fact that they too lived once under a system that was inadequate which called for the change.

The Bahamas has came through the ages by and through the dreams and aspirations of Sir. Lynden Oscar Pindling, who had undergone pains to bring Bahamian minorities to a majority rule. A power placed in the hands of the people knowingly that that power were in the hands who could have changed his ideals for our country. But for 27 years the people of the Bahamas saw his ideals most important to the stability of our economy and livelihood among our neighbors. History of Sir. Lynden’s majority rule struggles. From this point it should have been clear what the Bahamas stood for and what it should be striving to attain.–%2520On%2520January%25209%252C%2520Prime%2520Minister%2520the%2520Rt.%2520Ho…%2522%25

Which party has Sir. Lynden’s theory of politicology in The Bahamas is readily seen though their party may be under flames consequent of an unrelenting leader who consensus say should step aside.

Whether any party will ever reestablish what Sir. Lynden did with the Bahamas as a whole may never be achieved through being politically incorrectly stubborn, but with patriotism…it’s possible.’

The Bahamas will again endure prosperity when it goes back to basics and apply the right dogma of the first Progressive Liberal Party’s mantra for which it stood under Sir. Lynden’s Politicology of The Bahamas governance.


C. F. Stubbs, Ceo., Awe


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The Truth In The Matters Of Bahamian Politics.’

As a writer, the truth in the matter of Bahamian politics is that there is too much cloak and dagger episodes.

In every Administration that has led this country and those who aspired to gain leadership, there have been controversial situations surrounding them while in political foray. Nonetheless, each is just a human being with added potentials to fail while on world stage…little do they know. But the ailments are not irreparable seeing that this year 2017 is election and the power is in the hands of the people once more to demand satisfaction guaranteed.

The Bahamas has enjoyed over 43 years of freedom being independent so to speak. Politics have been orchestrated in the Bahamas like Hollywood have their red carpet event. Like the premiering of a new movie coming to the big screens. Most times those movies are never aired on the big screen (world stage).

A country such as the Bahamas, which has existed peacefully until recently, should have more governance with professionalism towards caring for the Nation and the interest of its people. Shamefully we have seen the government’s holdings of the people become game to some politicians. While there is still rural areas in the Capital that leaves much to be desired seeing there is sufficient for all within its borders. Lofty mansion have sprung up like wild fire and offshore accounts increased reflecting Bahamian clients.

The people says no, not this time, not this time will we be mislead into believing in hologram initiatives, or unrealistic promises; and a “hodge podge” of different ‘we can do this to improve;’ nor will the people entertain those members of the political arena who may have become non-responsive to the will of the people to step aside but refuses. As a vicegerent in the political war to lead the people to prosperity, this alone should be your comfort in letting go. New energy is not bad, but it do calls for new wiring. Such as now, the people of the Bahamas is saying we need fresh air! We need men who can bring fresh thoroughly examined plans with contingency safety caps, plans that are workable and durable. Not ideas. Every man and woman on planet earth has an idea. However, to cut a long story short, here is my synopsis of ‘The Truth in the Matter of Bahamian Politics.’

A). The Prime Minister of The Bahamas, Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, the “Progressive Liberal Party Leader (PLP), is under siege by members of the public for his botched financial deals, indecisiveness, his comeliness when he should be more resolved and of course his age also.

As the leader that carry’s the Sunlight of Gold as a symbol of prosperity, having believed in this should allow the will of the people and be an advisory to the party analyz has said. Allowing the party members to select if so they choose, another leader whom they feel may be more inclining towards the people. After all, isn’t it the principles of leadership to know when the chips are against you, and therefore knowledge reflects wisdom to know the outcome. The Commonwealth of The Bahamas applaud your works; your achievements and any and all other things that can readily be attributed to your tenor as Prime Minister, but if you are to remain an honest civilian you should without delay, abide by the will of your Party (PLP) and that of the people.

B) The Free National Movement, known as the “World Wrestling Federation,” every time their party members meet, and even when they are adjourned there could be a match is in ‘tattered ruins as a unified party.’

Mr. Hubert Ingram, previous leader of the party is no longer wanted because of his shameful resignation from politics when he lost the election in 2012. He abandoned his constituency. The Free National Movement has its wows that are now bleeding at the seams. The party is between a rock and a hard place. Dr. Minnis, the party’s previous leader, who was elected under disagreement from others within his same party is no longer the party’s leader.

Loretta Butler-Turner, Dr. Minnis’s his rival, pushed for his resignation willingly and or unwillingly to allow her leadership powers over the (FNM) party. She eventually did by requesting such approval from the Governor General, Lady Pindling. Legal minds says that the transition made by Mrs. Turner, may be unconstitutional however. Nonetheless, she now supposedly leads the (FNM) party.

But, imagine a woman who strikes another member of the House of Assembly to the face running the country.

‘Ah, Mrs. Prime Minister crime has rose last week by a whopping 27% what should your forces do to contain this?….She looks away and says while turning slowly, if you find them, shoot first ask questions later. Nah go!

The Bahamas is not ready for Ms. Turner as Prime Minister. Neither through consensus ‘grapevine’ is Dr. Hubert Minnis. His tactics towards politics, which should be viewed as a job to oversee humanitarian aid, is nothing more than he say, she say dialogue. He has no agenda that is solidified by his party as the hopes and dreams of a better Bahamas. Rather than preparing his affront on a tangled administration Dr. Minnis has to find strategies to affront members in defense in his own party. This has totally engulf his clear studying and proof reading of the materials he threw at the media. As a Prime Minister, most say not this term.

C) The Democratic National Alliance (DNA) has aspirations and most is encouraged by the new younger followers who are only ‘vineyard pickers.’ On the other hand, Mr. Branville McCartney, Leader of the DNA has produced little if any at all real deal holly field knock out plan for saving the Nation.’ The mere voice of the people chanting we had enough of these two mentioned Administrations rings loud . Give someone else a chance to hit the cookie Jars! This is not enough for a cure to what affects and has been a deadly tumor for decades. Which are politicians work being unchecked and oaths violated and not enforced upon them with real consequences. Therefore, it is to most unforeseen that under the leadership of Mr. McCartney, without more as it stands today, they will march to the noise but settle in despair. The DNA is out experience in many aspects and their front runners are not engaging society enough to attest that they are capable of becoming the difference. Admittedly, many see them as not.

The real consequences of choosing a government is not readily transparent, and as an aspiring writer I must admit the same, but prudence teaches us to know what to digest. Every new food might not be tasty at first, and you have to acquire the taste. Responsibility lies in the hands of who was put in charge. Therefore, let the one in charge fix the problems where they exist. Just the way some approaches the well being of The Bahamas.

But truth be told, it is the “Truth in the Matter of Bahamian Politics.”


C. F. Stubbs, Ceo., Awe 

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“Craig A. Bowe,” ‘The Right Man For The Job.’



As the General Election Date is scheduled to be announced, the more the Bahamian people realizes that they are faced with three major evils that seems to never want to go away. ‘The Progressive Liberal Party, The Free National Movement and The Democratic National Alliance. Each which brings nothing for food for thought or substance to the table for the Bahamian people, it is said.’ However, this year the people have a choice. Vote Craig A. Bowe, Representative for The Elizabeth Estates Constituency. An Independent Candidate and A “Man Right For The Job.”

Mr. Bowe is not a stranger to the Bahamian people, and its Government; or a stranger to the minority of people in his commmunity and beyond. He shows vigorous compassion towards the state that his country man and woman are currently in; and the state that our Nation is in as a free people, but without industries other than Tourism.

As an Independent Candidate, Mr. Bowe Pledges to commit to mobilizing the people of Elizabeth Estates; 2) that not one penny of his salary as an official shall be spent on anything accept to create jobs if he is elected as representative; 3) and to give assistance to those in his constituency that prove their desires, that they want to achieve better with their circumstances.


Mr. Bowe has been quoted as saying:

“I had no need to want to run as a Candidate, I have been financially stable for years and everyone knows this. I have donated my life into being a progressive, conscientious, and strong businessman in many fields around The Bahamas and done my part when called upon. But what I will not do is, see my people being denied the minimum assistance needed in order to survive. I do not like to see how our people live from day to day hoping on a rainbow in a sunny country. Our politicians sitting out bathing in the Sun while the people praying for rain.

‘I will make it rain for Elizabeth Estates and its citizens.’ I will create small major businesses and turn them over to the people once they are stable and making a profit. I will create better opportunities, by donating a workshop for those in need of practical training in different fields of labour and administration of businesses for the people of Elizabeth Estates.

I will create safe housing for displaced families and single parents to recuperate from disasters or otherwise. I can do this with the clip of the fingers, I don’t need a committee.’

Each year I will donate by random raffle an important part of getting started– four Vehicles to both Mothers and Fathers on their respective honored dates, ages: 21-26, 27-35, 36-44, and 45-60– By doing this, it will allow families to get around in search of work and for getting to their jobs effeciently to assist themselves in daily earnings and living.” id.

Mr. Bowe said:

“Folks need assistance not money.’ You can give a Hundred thousand people $5,000.00 which would roughly be $500,000.00, half a million dollars and all that happens is that its spent and no one sees where it went. But what I will do is create transparent businesses for those who have been unfortunate, that they may become independent and conducive to our society’s fabric of survival industries. I can assure the people of Elizabeth Estates, that I will not be a drift wood in the community as those were previously.

I will not enjoy the comfort of life knowing that families are without. I will not go to parliament to dress up in a suit and forget the peoples hopes and dreams. I will not do that. I will represent the good striving people of Elizabeth Estates with a straight voice and a firm resolve before our House of Assembly; and will not cease until all the young men and women in Elizabeth Estates who are willing to assist themselves first, are at work or on the job; and that the elderly be watched over with true compassion and humane conditions during their last hopeful days. This is what am willing to do!

If the people dont want me and what I have to offer, then I do not know what changes they are asking, nevertheless, so be it. But one thing I know, I will give it my all regardless, because I honestly care inspite of what some may add.

Importantly, I have no need for the Government’s monies for self preservation. I do not need the Government’s post as an MP. But what I need is, to ease my heart and cool my eyes from the disaster that I see my people in, and that which they are facing. Without me at the helm this term for the people in Elizabeth, I fear things will only get worst. So therefore, I submit myself for service for the good people of Elizabeth Estates and for the good of the Commonwealth of The



As it stands, Mr. Craig A. Bowe, he is a man that is very vocal among his peers and he is a man of substance. There is nothing in our constitution from disallowing an individual, a born Bahamian, who loves the Bahamas, and the values of our country, from participating in a General Election.

Mr. Bowe says he will be running an (Independent Campaign) that he is very optimistic about, simply because the Bahamian people though they cry for change, they are laxadiasical in their efforts towards change. But who knows,

“Craig A. Bowe,”… ‘can actually be that man for the Job.'”

‘Vote For Bowe If You Want The Others To Go.’ This is 2017!


CFStubbs, Ceo., AWE

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A Home Away From Home Vacation

20160418_093304 (1)


When you think about traveling the first thing comes to mind is where are you going to stay, right? What type of accommodations  will suit you and your family’s needs.

In Nassau, Bahamas,  Leslie’s Estates have brought an array of special deals on vacation rooms for the traveler that comes with transportation. Yes, your very own rental car is included. Whether, you decide to occupy a One Bedroom or Two Bedroom suite, the rental includes a rental car with no deposit.

*Also reservations: Can be made for day away excursions to other nearby Islands, such as: Eleuthera, Exuma, Andros, and Freeport.

Day time activities sub-provided:

Island Tours, Boat Rides, Snorkeling, Booze Cruise and much more. You really just have to come and see for yourself.

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For the low price of One Hundred and Seventy Dollars ($170.00) per night, for a One Bedroom Suite and Two Hundred and Seventy Dollars ($270.00) per night, for a Two Bedroom Suite with Rental Car and all amenities including, pick-up and drop-off services from Airport or Docks, you can not beat that even with a stick! This is economical for the family on a budget and those who want to splurge.


The One and Two Bedroom suites are accommodated with fully furnished amenities that includes: Cable TV, Air-Conditioned, Full Kitchen (fridge, stove & microwave), Double Beds and Internet, which is absolutely convenient for those who likes doing their own thing.

This is surely a home away from home where you can relax as if you were still home but enjoying a day away.

Yes, these are the feasible make like Homes away from Home, designed with plenty concerns for the travelers in these economical times. Moreover, to sweeten the custard on the pie, “Leslie’s Estates” is located less than Four Hundred Yards (400 yards) from the Sandy Beaches on the Eastern End of the Island of Nassau.

…and if that’s not enough, its located less than a 1/4 mile to the nearest Super Market. Is that convenient or what? Indeed it is for those ‘who do not favor eating out’ and enjoys doing their own supermarket shopping for dinner, the distance to get quick items for dinner is superb.

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So, the next time you decide to travel or, you want a get away weekend, maybe even if you want a day away, Leslie’s Estates offers more for the hard earned money. With pick-up and drop-off services from the airport or docks; and the amenities you  get on arrival that is included within your one time payment to stay at Leslie’s Estates, e.g., Rental Car, Cable, AC, Double Beds, Internet, Pool, Jacuzzi, walking distance to shop and lovely beach is a vacation well planned.

‘Going to travel real soon, contact us so we can prepare your vacation Home away from Home especially for you.’

At Leslie’s Estates we are awaiting  your arrival whether from the Family Islands or International Guests to The Bahamas. Send us an email, post card, text or stool pigeon. Once we get your contact an agent will be in contact within the hour. For we know of  the seasons; we charted the economical waves; and we have made a Home for all away from Home at Leslie’s Estates. Contact us TODAY!

Craige Bowe, Owner/Operator

Tel: 1 242 425-5011


C. Stubbs, Agent

Tel: 1 242 448-5763

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