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What Will The Aftermath Of The Bahamas Elections Uncover?

What will the aftermath of the 2017 General Election uncover? By the will of the people the Nation went up in flames. The Free National Movement (FNM) once again has made a strong statement by a “Landslide” victory in the 2017 National Elections winning over Thirty Five (35) parliamentary seats. It’s opposition won merely Four (4) seats, which came from the out going Government Administration the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).

The new “Democratic National Alliance” (DNA) led by one Brandville McCartney and Chris Mortimer, felt the paws of the giants in the Arena of Bahamian Politics even more profound and leaves their organization crippled unto dissolution. Their hopes of becoming a contender in the garrison of politics in The Bahamas is all but lost as a result of bad leadership decisions made in the flares running up to the Elections. As Leader of the party (DNA), Mr. Brandville McCartney decision to join forces with FNM member Mrs. Loretta Butler-Turner, destroyed the demeanor of his supporters especially when he resigned the post shortly thereafter blaming Mrs. Turner for his decision to join her endeavors. Both Mr. McCartney and Mrs. Butler-Turner lost their contended seats ran for leaving them outside the halls of Parliament.


However, the people made choices based upon what was revealed through media and news, that the out going administration were callous; malicious to investors; less compassionate for the masses; abused the public’s trust; and were blatantly abusive with their positions as Ministers. This is from a consensus taken before elections and confirm in the results.

The Honorable Hubert Minnis, The Bahamas new Prime Minister from the Free National Movement (FNM) now has a task before him that will take an unpopular stance, but well demanded. For he must now audit certain Members of Parliament from the out going Administration which is the will of the people who voted him into office. For the Bahamian people demand that his Administration (FNM) uncover the wealth of the people stashed away in secret Bank Accounts owned by out going ministers, whether here in The Bahamas or abroad. To seize them by Court order for auditing. This would be the most immediate action of his administration to bring the issues to transparency. For it would be unfair to the masses to leave these politicians unchecked who have been greedy in their offices as if it were their own business rather than the office of the people of The Bahamas. Particular ministers who went into office with meager finances and in such a short period have placed millions in financial personal accounts, stolen from the labor on the backs of The Bahamian people.

These must be audited in every sense of the word and forfeiture proceedings initiated where there is found that the accumulation of wealth were from improper dealings. The lack of evidence that the wealth was made from personal legal business, or inherited, transfer to them and for what measure, the wealth should be forfeited to the ministry of social services for the people it was stolen from.

Our Country has taken a shift in how the dynamics of politics operate, and there is no more Red and Yellow, but what is best for Government. This was borne out of the fact that even the out going Prime Minister, Honorable Perry Gladstone Christie, lost his seat that he held since 1977 in the Centerville Constituency, Nassau Bahamas. Along with him were other Ministers who condoned is inappropriate actions while in office by their silence, which were the majority of his delegation. In the aftermath of the elections his delegation of ministers won merely Four (4) seats, which I may add two were contested and the entire delegation has since dissolved (PLP) by resignation and shamefulness. There is no opposition Government in The Bahamas as it stands today.The progressive Liberal Party has made history in this election since the founding of the party in 1967 by leadership of Sir. Lyden Oscar Pindling.

Dear Prime Minister, Honorable Hubert Minnis, though many disbelieved in your ability to govern you have proved your tenacity vividly. Most if not all Bahamians believe in you to make a difference in The Bahamas. It is your hour.


We head into a new dimension of ruling and governing, and may the Almighty guide the hands and minds of them that are placed in charge of the “Orphans” wealth. May The Bahamas regain its face of hospitality, of good character in business and that the spirit of its people join as one once more. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. So what will the aftermath uncover…’


C.F. Stubbs, Ceo.,AWE