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When do you find desperate politics other than when a Political Party has dropped the ball completely. Do a Party even knows when it has dropped the ball, other than when the people appears disorientated which are the only time society acknowledges.

The Bahamas is going through a series of changes and even the weather confirms this. But actually, the change is happening Globally with The Bahamas smack in the middle of the trend’s passage.

Desperate Politics is a consequence of negligence when dealing with the public’s interest.

In this year’s 2017 General Election our most competent “Opposition” political parties have faltered in the eyes of society. For instance,

1). In choosing a new leader, the Free National Movement(FNM), after being obliterated in Election 2012, then Leader Hubert A. Ingram disgracefully disappeared from politics leaving his disorientated party awed.

Picking up the pieces was Dr. Hubert Minnis who immediately began to throw accusations against the Christie Administration and its handling of the country’s affair. Even though there were issues that Dr. Minnis attacked to shed light on the Christie Administration, Dr. Minnis offered nothing remedial. Consequently, Chairman of the (PLP) Christie Administration, Mr. Bradley Roberts, continuosly refuted Dr. Minnis’s accusations with proofs. This alone showed Dr. Minnis’s not thoughtout approach to the political arena. Rather, Dr. Minnis’s attempt at politics have all but deminished his successful chances at being the chosen Opposition Leader when he placed forward no real plans for a ‘Better Bahamas.’ Even more damaging is the fact that he could not, and have not unified his party The Free National Movement.’

Disgruntled FNM members told our Head of State, Her Excellency Lady Marguerita Pindling, in their letter that, like a Prime Minister, an Opposition Leader must enjoy the confidence of his or her colleagues in the House of Assembly.

“That being the case, we respectfully ask you to revoke the appointment of Dr Hubert Minnis as leader of the opposition in accordance with Article 82 (4) of our Constitution,” the letter stated.

The group added that The Bahamas needs an effective and dutiful opposition that will work to develop a clear vision for the future, and urged the Governor General to accept their recommendation for a new leader.

“…In the interest of ensuring a seamless transition, our caucus has also voted to undertake its work in Parliament under the leadership of Loretta Butler-Turner.”

A stunned Minnis took to the floor immediately after the letter was read.

He described the development as “a subversion of democracy”, charging that it all stemmed from his victory in the party’s internal elections at its annual convention back in July.

“These – as I would call them – rebels do not believe in democracy and have continued to subvert the process of democracy.”

Minnis, who admitted that he was saddened by the move was, however, adamant that democracy would prevail.

“The Bahamian people will continue to fight for democracy. They will not allow subversion to occur, nor will their democracy to be played with,” he said.

At the center of concern for power also was Mrs. Loretta Butler-Turner whom have taken the Leadership role by way of an “incompetency request” approved by The Governor General which was requested by members of the (FNM) and Mrs. Turner.


Governor General Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling presents the Hon. Loretta Butler-Turner with the Instrument of Appointment as the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition during a ceremony at Government House, Sunday, December 11, 2016.

The Bahamas — Governor General Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling presented the Hon. Loretta Butler-Turner with the Instrument of Appointment as the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition during a ceremony at Government House, Sunday, December 11, 2016.

During the ceremony attended by several Parliamentary colleagues, family, friends and other well-wishers, Mrs. Butler-Turner said, “I note that my appointment as the first woman to serve as Leader of the Opposition (in The Bahamas) is of historic importance.”

She thanked her Parliamentary colleagues for placing their trust and confidence in her as the new Leader of the Opposition:

“I pledge an unwavering commitment to collegiality and collaboration. Democracy is not about the mood of a single individual; it is about cooperation in the pursuit of the common good.”

The Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM) and former Leader of the Official Opposition was removed as Leader of the Opposition after a vote of no confidence by seven of the Party’s 10 Members of Parliament on Wednesday, December 7.

A petition signed by the majority of FNM Members of Parliament stipulated that Dr. Minnis should be replaced by Mrs. Butler-Turner. The move was approved by the Governor General.

Mrs. Butler-Turner explained that she and her colleagues are convinced that there needs to be a new direction for the country.

“Today is about the collective judgement and the sincere beliefs of the majority of the duly elected representatives opposed to the Government of the day.

“We have acted in accord with The Bahamas’ Constitution and in accord with Parliamentary Democracy. We have acted in accord with our consciences, as have others in this country who have also acted similarly.”

Mrs. Butler-Turner said, “On behalf of my colleagues, we pledge our commitment to serve with integrity as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. We pledge ourselves to the common good of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas; we rely on the wisdom of the Bahamian people.” id.

Thereafter achieving her goals of dividing her party, she entered into a clandestine agreement with “Democratic National Alliance(DNA) Leader, Mr. Branville McCartney to further her endeavors to defeat the (PLP) Christie Administration and hopefully advance to becoming Prime Minister. In Parliament Loretta Butler-Turner announced at a press conference Monday December 12, 2016, that Democratic National Alliance Leader Branville McCartney had been appointed leader of opposition business in the Senate.

The announcement came in the House of Assembly’s Minority Room. Mrs Butler-Turner, the Free National Movement’s (FNM) MP for Long Island, was flanked by Mr McCartney, DNA Deputy Leader Chris Mortimer and several FNM MPs.

Mrs Butler-Turner said the move was evidence that her team was willing to put the Bahamian people first to move forward to defeat the governing Progressive Liberal Party.

Mrs Butler-Turner said she and the six FNM MPs who support her have not joined the DNA, but are working together for a “common good.”

The FNM’s four senators resigned their posts as well after seven FNM MPs wrote to Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling expressing no confidence in FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis. The group asked that Mrs Butler-Turner be appointed leader of the Official Opposition instead.

This was foiled by the fact that both Mr. McCartney and Mrs.Turner, both with their egotistical bahaviour many say, divided their chances totally at any chances to have a strong opposition or new Government. The actions that Mrs. Loretta Butler-Turner took which divided the Free National Movement(FNM) Political Party; and Branville McCartney’s Democratic National Alliance(DNA) Political Party’s spontaneous move to have a collective joint force party, that has failed miserably; and interestingly, his again resignation from representing the FNM in the senate as appointed by Opposition Leader Mrs. Loretta Butler-Turner, shamefully will forever be remembered as an act of “Desperate Politics.”

“LEADER of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Branville McCartney has resigned as Leader of Opposition business in the Senate, effective immediately.

Mr McCartney told The Tribune at a press conference that Loretta Butler-Turner, who appointed him, has sowed seeds of confusion and the DNA must disassociate itself from her antics.

In a statement, Mr McCartney said: “Every decision I have made since entering frontline politics has not been made lightly. Whether it was to leave the FNM, to lead the DNA or most recently, to accept the post as leader of opposition business in the Senate, I have carefully and prayerfully considered my moves as a public figure.

“It was no different when accepting the appointment as leader of Opposition business in the Senate. I accepted with the understanding that the Democratic National Alliance was separate and apart from any other opposition force, but would lend its voice, ideas and strength in official opposition to this failed Christie administration.

“Let the record reflect that when the electorate called for a more pragmatic opposition, the DNA was the first and only party to answer.

“However, today I informed Her Excellency the Governor General that I am resigning my Senate post with immediate effect.

“The leader of the official opposition has, unfortunately, only sown seeds of confusion since assuming her post, bringing no real leadership or focused ideas to the fore.” id.

In any event however, the Bahamian people have not been “jet lagged” from these political flights taken on behalf of all three major parties, but the minds of the people will prove good landing gears. Simply because the people has recognized and understands the true measures of each “Desperate Politician.”

Contributing Writer,

C. F. Stubbs, Ceo., AWE


“Desperate Politics.”